The Philharmonic Orchestra of Bogota has touched people’s soul throughout more than 50 years, in that way, it has become part of Bogotá’s heritage. The Orchestra has been in all 20 locations of the city with the highest artistic quality.

The Orquestra has won two Grammy Awards: Best Instrumental Album in 2008 for the album “40 years” (40 years) and Best Engineered Album Award with the album “50 años tocando para ti” (50 Years Playing for You) in 2018 for the sound engineering Rafa Sardina.

It has been conquered new audience with concerts where remarkable artists had performed such as Plácido Domingo, Kraken, Medrano and Aterciopelados among others.

In recent years, the Orchestra has developed its Educational Project for young musicians who seek a profesional and interpretative level. The Project works with more than 26.000 children and teanegers between the ages of 7 and 17 who get the Philharmonic training.

The Orquestra is renowned to do great performances in conventional and non-conventional scenarios.