Philharmonic Youth Choir

As a 40-member group of youngsters, the Philharmonic Youth Choir performs pieces that range from ancient polyphony through music of the Baroque Era all the way through compositions of the Romantic movement. Their repertoire includes works from the vernacular traditions of Colombia and Latin America.

Their voices have joined with the Bogota Philharmonic for big-format staging likes those of Britten’s War Requiem or Verdi’s Requiem, among others. This ensemble was one of the few choirs chosen to take part in the open-air Mass celebrated by Pope Francis I in Bogota in 2017

The high artistic level and notable standard of performance of the Philharmonic Youth Choir allows this ensemble great versatility to bring their voices together for highly demanding formats encompassing such modern works as The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny, or Der Rosenkavalier, both in exacting stagings, alongside Leonard Bernstein’s Candide as well as to provide the vocal dimensions required by the Wiener Akademie Orchestra in their version of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, also to include sacred music as Haydn’s oratorio Die Schöpfung or their part in Carmina Burana in 2018.