The Bogota Philharmonic Orchestra offers a number of Festivals and Music Events of various sorts as a part of its strategies of incentives and towards creating new audiences:

Opera in the Parks Festival

A program of the Office of the Mayor of Bogota since 1998 designed to bring lyrical singing to the city far and wide. Opera in the the Parks Festival has not only welcomed some of the best-known pieces in the repertoire of opera but has also opened an umbrella of opportunities for musical training, production and circulation.

Each new edition of the Festival brings a key opportunity to showcase what is new in Colombian lyrical singing thanks to a twofold strategy: A Production Bursary at Opera in the Parks as well as the City of Bogota Prize for Singing, both as part of the greater City Program of Sponsorship.

This Festival is inclusive of a Call for Stage Training, an opportunity for indivduals, ensembles, organizations, University groups an Art Collectives to perform their works in the genre of opera.

Universities around the Country, especially those that offer programs in music training have brought fresh proposals in their active involvement in this Festival. Their participation has become inexcusable for the event. On the other hand, the Bogota Philharmonic has presented the public with 3 of its own productions for Benjamin Brittens’s Midsummer’s Night Dream, Leonard Berenstein’s Candide and The Princess and the Pea by Luis Antonio Escobar.

Festival of Choirs of the City

This Festival came to being in 2014 as an opportunity for the difussion, circulation and training in a non-competional environment that calls for all types of choirs, both from the city and the anywhere in Colombia. It is meant for choral groups in Universities, professional choirs, from either public or private schools, for singers, choir directors and the general public who would wish to share their labor and expertise in choral singing. The Festival is concerned with strengthening training, elevating skills through workshops, talks and other activities with the aid of directors, pedagogues and Colombian or international specialists.

The above mentioned participates in Project Bogota Creative Capital of Music and promotes the consolidation of a network of choirs in the city through their numerous artistic presentations.

Bogota Philharmonic Bands Encounter

This Encounter started in 2006 to convene symphony bands from schools and Universities as well as bands with an established background and allow them to showcase their proposals. The event makes part of the Wind Bands movement in Colombia, attracting the largest number of participants in Latin America and being the most diverse and dynamic of its kind.

The Encounter welcomes several categories such as children’s bands, youngsters’ bands, professional bands, and guest bands all of whose performance is evaluated by a jury chosen by the Philharmonic Orchestra. Juries proclaim the winners and thus concede the privilege of representing Bogota at the various band’s festivals throughout the Country.

The Encounter is a constituent part of the Sponsorship Program of the City of Bogota and brings about the opportunity for every member of the public to enjoy family time around these ensembles.